What do you see in those eyes? ...DOOM! by Pharsalus

What do you see in those eyes? ...DOOM!


14 August 2018 at 07:38:45 MDT

Even in the darkest pits of hell will a Centurion strike fear into his enemies. He hasnt walked this path through hell on his own however, other demonic entities has seen their own benefit in his berzerk through their realm. They bestowed upon him demonic strength and demonic runes to give him the strength he needs for the journey ahead. Finally, they imbued his sword with the very flames of hell itself for him to unleash upon the hordes. This he does without remorse, observing the hellspawn as their skin boils, flesh melts away and their bones blackened, leaving behind a desolate ashen plain of death..

art by the lovely Greenbrains @ FA