Inktober 6th by PenMark

Inktober 6th


10 November 2015 at 14:28:49 MST

Here's some more Judy, trying out poses and expressions.
I didn't quite get the results I was after, but then again, it's really weird to sketch with a pen.
Had to adapt to my mistakes... -shrug-

Yeah, I'm only moderately obsessed with Zootopia.
**Can't wait!! **


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    Looks like somebody's a fan! I have to admit I was pretty meh about this character at first, but lately she's starting to grow on me :v

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      Yeahhhhh, I've been looking forward to this movie since the initial concept was released years ago, and now my excitement has grown exponentially! lol, Judy's my favorite

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        Years ago? I didn't realize it was public knowledge for that long. But hopefully the film lives up to the hype, or -A LOT- of people are going to be majorly disappointed!
        And yeah, from the bits of previews that I've seen, I have to say Judy's my fave too :)