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Stuart and Margalo by PenMark

Stuart and Margalo


SO, another Movie/Series that I believe deserves more attention: Stuart Little.
I woke up one morning kind of sick, and wanted to watch something cute and cheerful, so I randomly decided Stuart Little 2...

...and WOW, I forgot how cute some parts of it were! Aside from all the cliches and being too short, this movie was still a great sequel. I mean come on, the voice for Hades as the Falcon-villain :P

I also just found Stuart and Margalo to be so adorable together. Having Stuart make a close friend who didn't grow up with parents in her life, it really impressed me. I found it to be an excellent lesson for a movie series about family (even if it was far too short.)

...OH and yes, that is a Mouse-sized Tablet, lol
I wanted the logo to be a slice of cheese instead of an apple, but I never could get it to look right. ><