Mephit Fur Meet 2013: Consuite by Pedigree

Mephit Fur Meet 2013: Consuite


21 July 2013 at 10:08:03 MDT

The consuite is where we serve snacks and home-cooked meals at MFM, and where I work as staff. Delicious stuff. Often something unusual will be playing on the TV as well. Be sure to come hang out with us. I will update with the operating hours of the consuite as soon as the hours are set in stone. Be aware that for some events such as the Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Masquerade, Charity Auction, etc. the consuite may be closed until they are over.

If you would like to submit artwork or stories to MFM's conbook:

-They should probably be zoo-themed.

-Art should be submitted in as large a resolution as possible for quality purposes.

-Stories should be no longer than 1,500 words.

If you would like to submit to the con book, you have until August 1st to email your submissions to

Get busy! :3

What: Mephit Fur Meet 2013: At the Zoo

When: August 29th through September 1st

Where: Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center

11200 East Goodman Road

Olive Branch, MS 38654

This is the convention I have called my home the past two years and I couldn't be happier about returning this year. Only a little more than a month remaining before Amarok and I leave with the caravan from Tyger's house and return to the hotel in Memphis that I have grown very fond of in a short amount of time. I never want the weekend to end when it gets here even though I am staff.

For the schedule (note: work in progress):

And much more information and signups: (They are needing panelists, artists, dealers, etc!)

Submission Information

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