Food Coma by Peckish

Food Coma


2 September 2020 at 04:15:47 MDT

As he grabbed the last Big Mac out of it's box, he was stuffed to the gills. He had been ever since he'd finished that box of nuggets, quickly chasing it with the last piece of pizza.
And yet, despite being far beyond sated, he just couldn't seem to resist helping himself to another burger, another serving of fries, another box of nuggets... He just couldn't -- the food was just so delicious...
Even now, in spite of the pain from overstuffed gut, he just couldn't help but dig into the greasy delicacy, briefly enjoying the delicious burst of flavor on his tongue before going in for another colossal bite.
Just a minute or two later, the burger was all gone, and the bird collapsed down onto his bed.
For a brief moment, the thought of cleaning up occurred to him, but he was far too stuffed for that, then. Instead, he simply started rubbing his belly, while it's warmth lulled him into a peaceful sleep.
He knew by the time he woke up, all the food he'd stuffed into his stomach would have turned into soft, pliable fat, and he'd once again find himself hungry. And he grinned.
He wondered what he'd eat tomorrow.

Gotta sleep those calories off, wouldn't want to use them all up!

Drawn just to play around with this weird perspective I'd had in mind, haha. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Originally submitted to FA on Aug 20, 2020.)

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