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The Submarine & The Hellhound by Pattarchus

The Submarine & The Hellhound


Commissioned artwork. 2022.

Although the two come from completely different worlds, a deep bond of trust has developed between the demonic Hellhound Pattarchus and the Dire Machine sub Dyushes. 

While most would not dare to approach the living machine, the Hellhound has dared even more than just acquaintance. 

And so it happened that this moment of bonding occurred. Quite unusually for the Hellhound, he lovingly gave Dyushes a lick across his nose. 

The world should prepare itself. When these two entities combine their powers, unimaginable things are going to happen. 

Drawn by Via_Logan
Dyushes (Dire Machine - Submarine) (c) by Rasputin_Su57

Pattarchus (Three-headed hellhound) (c) by Pattarchus

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