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Dangerous Game by Pattarchus

Dangerous Game


Commissioned artwork. 2018.

On one paw this fox is a true pain and annoyance on the other paw ... I do like him quite a lot though. But ... he is pushing the limits quite far this time.
"STOP THIS!", said the Doberhellhound as Arkon kept pushing against the central head's nose again.
I am so going to gorge on him ... alive ... any moment now ....

Arkon bought this awesome YCH from liraelwolf and asked me to have the second spot. Lirael did an awesome job and changed the picture to show all my heads and I absolutely love it. The expressions are awesome and I really love how the eyes turned out. I can't say thank you enough, Arkon & Lirael!

Drawn by liraelwolf
Arkon (Fox) (c) by arkonderwolf
Pattarchus (Three-headed Hellhound) (c) by Pattarchus

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