Adoptable: 1 FOR SALE by Pastel Piglet

Adoptable: 1 FOR SALE

Pastel Piglet

13 May 2014 at 19:38:12 MDT

Going to start doing adoptables again! ^ o^
I first did some piggies but I needed to get my heart ready for parting with them. . . or maybe I won't. Maybe I just shouldn't try to make pigs to sell. ; U;'''

ON TO BUSINESS. I'll price these at $25, but I'm open to haggling. I'm just. . . slapping that on there because I don't know what I'm doing. e ue;;

You get that image as well as the gal on a transparent background. ♥

Once bought, you may change anything you wish. Name, gender, colours, clothings, anything.
It's all yours and you can do what you like with it.
I only ask that you credit me for the original design as opposed to saying you did it. :')

-All Sales Final-
► No Reselling
► No Refunds
► No Mind Changing

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    Wonderfully done! I love the dress.

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      Thank you!! I wish I could make it. ♥

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        You can at least draw it! I'm not very good with clothes.. Your clothes drawings are fabulous. :D

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          Thank you! I can do both. I just have to stick with the affordable option. x ux;;

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            I know it's a while from now, but if you have the money during Black Friday Jo Ann's and such usually have nice sales on their fabrics.

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              Thank you!
              I'm not anywhere near becoming that rich, though! ; u;''
              I used to get clothing at the thrift store back when it was $1-3 a piece, and I'd reuse the fabric of those. It was real nice and you could get so much! Prices have gone up significantly, though. </3