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'The Dead Dog' -ref. by Pashmenia

'The Dead Dog' -ref.


So we've got Pashmenia, TheRatKing (Baxter), and now introducing The Dead Dog. I'm really quite excited to finally be posting some artwork of this character. I've been pouring a lot of ideas into this guy's comeuppance. It won't be too soon though. I know what I want from this character, i'm just not totally sure how to go about 'introducing it'.

This was my first time trying to draw this character again in many many many years so it's really roughly put together. It was sorta difficult to color. I don't mean to turn this into something tragic, but the design for this character comes from an old doodle I did the day my dog died. I was up late that night in my room still shaken up and crying a little. Before going to bed however I pulled out a composition book and did this one small doodle. It just kinda stuck with me ever since.

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    When my favorite cat died I had nightmares of him having gone to hell, and coming back as a skinny stiff dried thing that was in my barn, and he tried to attack me. Also as some kind of ghost or something that was phasing though the kitchen wall and counter and forming into an anthro form of a human I used to know.