"Pashmenia" by Pashmenia



20 January 2014 at 18:34:39 MST

Characters along with a quote they speak from the graphic novel titled "PHOBIA" I started developing back in 2008

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    Ya know, I'm actually anticipating this comic more then Destiny. Yes, I do believe you can write a more immerse story then a team of people working on a game for like ten years, you've given me enough information to believe so.

    The expression on Pash's face defiantly emotes to what the quote says. It's sad face, in a room, counting the days for no reason other then just something to do, that pain would defiantly equal what it's doing. Huddled alone in this house, ignored by everyone else. I keep getting a mental image that Pash is shaking in this picture, not fast, more like if someone were cold.

    Just looking at the progression made from this Pash to small avatar Pash, this is character evolution done right. Pash still looks like Pash, with slight changes to keep the character alive and growing. Great job, I am so happy you were able to create this character and show it to the world. Dreamers usually have the best ideas, but it takes another talent to bring them out into the real world. Thankfully, you could draw.

    These drawings of yours can still make me write long-winded paragraphs, bravo!

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      Why thank you very much man, I really appreciate you saying that. I'm getting closer to the point where I want to start making this comic. It's just I've been spending a lot of time thinking it all through. To be honest, it's not going to be the same one I originally made. It's going to have to be something totally new because the old one didn't focus on either the dog or the rat. Plus I just really don't like to draw people.

      It's been a long road with developing Pash, drawing wise and all. I look back on these horrendously old doodles and remember that I used to think that this was as good as I was going to get it.