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Parcly Taxel and Spindle at TrotCon Online by Parcly Taxel

Parcly Taxel and Spindle at TrotCon Online

Parcly Taxel

15 July 2020 at 08:31:20 MDT

Parcly Taxel: After the success of my panel at Quantum SEAPonyCon, I'm now going to panel at TrotCon Online, being held from 17 to 19 July 2020!

Spindle: Well, it is 18 to 20 July in our timezone, but 17 to 19 July is the duration under UTC, which seems a fairly neutral choice.

Parcly: For my panel, High Speed Vectors, I'll be doing a vector as fast as possible, all while you send me your wishes and questions which I'll respond to in kind. I may get all caught up in the vectoring, however.

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