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Furry Pride! by Paper-Wings

Furry Pride!


This is a commission for sumanitutakanagi! The idea I had was to show them at a convention having a blast. Gotta have bags for all your merch and stuff, so I thought doggy backpacks would work for feral creatures. There's prints, artwork, drawing supplies, Mary Mouse badges, charity badges, fursona badges, glowsticks, pins, mini tails, plush, and a little hint of a pink collar in the bag (as a reference to the Drive Thru sticker).

This is all about radiating all types of pride. There is a more muted element of sexual pride (as this is SFW) with the butt badge and the pink collar. More prominently there's identity pride, shown as body paints in the colors of the pansexual flag (on the muzzle) and nonbinary flag (on the shoulder). There's locational/home pride shown in the landscape print in the bag, and the "heart" "PNW" pins on the wolf. Then of course furry pride, with charity events, feeling connected to your species, sporting the lanyards, and just having a grand 'ol time.

The carpet is referenced from Rainfurrest, a con that is a lovely memory for many people in this area, one both me and Nagi attended together and bonded a lot, so that means a lot to us.

Finally, to make sure the overall point isn't missed, there is a projection on the wall that says "Furry Pride." This art is going on a laptop case, so it needs to make its statement even at a glance.

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