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Poketober: Dark Farfetch'd by Paper-Wings

Poketober: Dark Farfetch'd


Today's prompt is "Favorite flying type, in a TCG art style you like."

This one I spent most of today thinking about. In the end I feel like my actual art for it came out subpar (I was hurrying to finish by 11pm so I could go to bed). Looking for inspiration, I pulled out my TCG binder and looked through some of my favorite cards. One that really stood out to me was Dark Jolteon from the Team Rocket set. I just love how intimidating it is, how angular it is, with the underlighting, and the kinda colored pencil look. But I realized I didn't really have time to go all out for my artwork, oops. So I tried to draw a plotting Farfetch'd. Maybe I will try this idea again later when I'm not so tired xD The artist that drew this card is Mitsuhiro Arita, who also drew the iconic Charizard card and many others you may have seen.

As for why Farfetch'd? I got a soft spot for it when I was hunting for it in Pokemon GO so feverishly during my trip to Japan. I caught it on the last night in my hotel, just before I was set to leave the next morning to fly back home. I remember that thrill so strongly. Really got me attached to the leek burb. Not to mention its new Galarian forme/evolution?

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