Updated Luke Stirling Ref by PandaRenny

Updated Luke Stirling Ref


18 May 2014 at 06:26:49 MDT

Updated my reference of my darling OC Luke Stirling, his other reference lacked luster!

Luke Stirling
Age: 22
Hair Color: black with split color bangs (blonde)
Eyes: Emerald Green
He has three tattoos, one on his wrist, back, and chest

He was born in the United Kingdom
In his teenage years he was in a gang.

His favorite clothing brands are: h. Naoto and Sex Pot Revenge
He likes to party and eating
he also likes to get Tattoos and piercings.
Another favorite past time of his is bothering his boyfriend Relix

He hates to see people upset or hurt. He always tries to help them.
He hates the fact that he has nasty habbits that but he doesn't feel like he needs to stop.
He irritates himself when he gets jealous easily.

He has a hard time saying no to Relix

Luke always puts others before himself.

Luke comes from an abusive family, much like Relix does. But he doesn't tell Relix about it- but tries to keep Relix safe and happy as much as he can (even though thats near impossible because Relix is a angry stubborn boy!)

Please do not use Luke without my permission.. Please and thank you.

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