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Takanori Yukimura by PandaRenny

Takanori Yukimura


Information on Takanori:
• Full name: Takanori Yukimura
• Nickname(s): Taka
• Occupation: "White Rabbit" at a Bulter Cafe
• Dream job: N/A
• Species: Rabbit
• Eyes: Lavender
• Hair: Pale Blonde
• Skin: Pale
• Height: 5'11
• Build/Body Type: Slender, with muscle
• D.O.B: 1/30/1996
• Age: 19
• Gender: Male
• Voice Actor/Sounds Like: Hanae Natsuki
• Love interest: Luke Stirling
• Best Friend(s): Shinji Xiaoming, & Ritsuka Momotani
• Family Tree: 5 Siblings, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, his mother and father
• S. Orientation/Yaoi type: Homosexual
• Nationality: Japanese/Korean
• Fashion style: Pink x White, usually has bunnies on it
• Religious views: Has none
• Predominant Feature: his long ears
• Personality: (Deredere) Hes really happy go lucky, he can be a bit of a baby when it comes to scary things. He's also really
shy when meeting new people which makes his job tough on him.
• Symbol: Bunny
• Astrology Sign: Aquarius
• Blood type: AB
• Erotic Interest(s): -eyebrow wiggle-
• Fear(s): Dying, loud noises, the dark, foxes, lucky rabbits foot ( D: )
• Mental/Physical Disorder: N/A
• Character Strength(s): His cheerful personality
• Worst Habit(s)/Weakness: he taps his foot and bounces in place a lot (not like full on bouncing like idk)
• Guilty Pleasure(s): Otome games and anime
• Fav. Music Genre: J-Pop
• Theme song:
• Fav. Color: Pink
• Fav. Food(s): Carrot Cake
• Food(s) Dislike: Squash
• OC Hobbie(s): Playing Otome games, and collecting figures. (hes a closet Otaku)
• Likes: Anime, Otome Games, Video games, baking, and dancing.
• Dislikes: Loud noises, scary movies, and sour foods.

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