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HabitRPG Rats by Pandactyl

HabitRPG Rats


I am now an official pixel contributor :) These kiddos probably will not be implemented for a while, but keep an eye out for monsters and gear that I am also working on! (update: these actually got put into the game in May! Whee! You can get your own ratties now!)

Don't play HabitRPG? Well you SHOULD!! Take habits you want to form, your to-do list, and your daily chores and turn them into a game to earn gear, pets, mounts, and other fun stuff! Have kids that need an extra incentive to do chores? I am here to say this one WORKS lol. My little brother will go "Are there any more chores I can do to get more points?" or "When are we going home? I need to finish my chores!" It's pretty much the most amazing thing ever. So try it out. You won't regret it.

(please note that while NONE of my art is for personal use for anyone besides the commissioner, I feel the need to reiterate that this art is for use ONLY with HabitRPG and related sources.)

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    This looks really cute!

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    OMG HabitRPG, bless u~ Not only do I love rats, but HabitRPG is the coolest shit!

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      Then again, not like I needed to tell you that, since you showed it to me, lol! BEDTIME, RAE!! XD

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    I love the skeleton rats

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    I have Windows Phone, :/...