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Commission TOS


21 January 2014 at 22:42:16 MST

This page is a list of my terms of service, as well as some answers to frequently asked questions. Upon agreeing on a digital art commission both the commissioner and artist (howareyougentlemen) agree to adhere to these terms.

Payment and Refunds
-Upfront payment is required for all commissions. The art will NOT be started without payment.
-There will be no partial payments or payment plans for artwork.
-Refunds will only be given for art that is outstanding and incomplete, or on orders that I, the artist, cancelled myself.
-Refunds will NOT be given on finished art. Please be specific on what you desire, and point out any errors.
-I reserve the right to cancel or refuse service for any reason.
-I reserve the right to raise my prices as I see fit. If there is a price increase, it will -not- effect commissions already in progress or that have been agreed upon.

Time Frames and Updates
-Please allow plenty of time for commissions to be finished.
-Time frame for normal commissions are about 1 month. On complicated ones, please give up to 3 months. Commissions CAN be completed in much shorter times, but be aware the wait may be longer.
-customers will be notified if there is going to be a large delay
-Outstanding commissions are ones that have gone 5 months of time with no contact/work done and/or that have not been agreed upon for delay. A refund may be requested.
-Please remember that I have other jobs outside of art, and this will add to the estimated time to complete a piece.
-Do not expect me to work on art on holiday days. usually I am working on events at the store on holidays, or I am with my family.
-Commission update requests are welcome! However, if you have my Skype, please do not pester me. I can't work if I am being constantly badgered.
-If you would like WIP images, please let me know beforehand. On larger commissions I usually do this automatically, but if it is important to you you need to let me know.

Rights and Permissions
-I retain full rights to the artwork. You may not resell, claim credit, or use for profit or advertising. If you are unsure of if I will approve of how you are using the image, feel free to ask.
-Do not edit the artwork in any way. If you would like to edit it, please contact me with the changes desired and I may give you specific permission.
-You MAY repost to your fA, use as an icon, wallpaper, etc as long as it is for personal use. If you repost to your fA please give proper credit, as per the fA acceptable upload policy.

If you do not agree to these terms or have your own 'commissioner's TOS' neither will override what I have listed here. Please be aware of this, and do not commission if you can not abide.

Will Not Draw List
I will reserve the right to refuse something if I am not comfortable with the commission, and I will let you know before you pay if I am not ok with it. This list can be used as a guideline, but in no way does it mean it is limited to this.
I will NOT draw-
-Heavy gore (guts and eye gouging/eyebleeding)
-Non-consentual stuff (aka rape, rape fantasy, etc)
-pony porn
-likenesses of real people in porn
Complete Will/Will Not Draw Kink List
For a comprehensive list of the kinks I will and will not draw in adult artwork, please click the link below!
If after reading the list you still have a question about a non-listed kink, feel free to ask!

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