Let's Meet L.A -- Call for Assistance by Pancaked

Let's Meet L.A -- Call for Assistance


6 July 2020 at 22:46:38 MDT

Hello there folks, as I normally am not one who does this fairly often, I've been given a surprise by my boyfriend of a flight to visit him in August.

However, as sweet and amazing and selfless he is, I refuse to let him pay for everything when he's already paying for a hotel, the tickets, and a rental car as well as SOME food. (I'm going to try my best to be good here and assertive)

So because it's going to be at LEAST for 1 week, I want to raise up to 450$. This will cover gas, adjust for AZ inflation thanks to higher living costs as opposed to TN, and it will help my bills that are coming out from completely killing any funds that I have in bank.

I've managed to raise at least 80$ of my goal.
This means I'm still down about 370$.

Now, I won't ask for this for free obviously, I'm willing to do waist up colored commissions like you've seen me posting or like the image above. If you would like to purchase one, please contact me through twitter or through fA, as those are where I am the most active and will be the quickest to respond!

*A small note. If I get a gigantic influx of commissions, I will do my best to finish as many as I can before my trip, but I may not be able to finish ALL of them prior to going. I will finish these promptly afterward, or if I am to stay for 2 weeks for quarantine (Which I doubt but we'll see) I will work on them after spending some time with my boyfriend. After all, this is a trip for ME and HIM to finally be romantic and feed into our starved affections. LOL

However, I will NOT say no to donations - you can drop me some change over on ko-fi, or through paypal.me and simply let me know via a note through twitter or through fA that you did. Anything over 20$ will receive at least a doodle from me as thanks once I am back home.

Art belongs to pancaked / @hellostarrysky