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Red Swan's Rival by OwenConcorde

Red Swan's Rival


17 April 2019 at 14:00:12 MDT

Ladies and gentlemen, here's everyone's favorite political rivalry of all time! The Soviet Communists and the fascists of The Greater German Reich and they will determine the future of this world! To your left is Red Swan the Tu-160 who is a huge fan favorite and to your right is the blue Bf109 (Jaeger). Even though he's custom painted blue, he's still a mean, hateful plane!

This is just my take on the political drama and how they just keep going back to the past. Please do not talk about politics on here, but I just would like to put two of my demonic plane OCs in the fight.

Disclaimer: my characters are fictional and live in their own world with its own lore, parts of which I do not support in the real world, therefore my intentions are not malicious.