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Wild Pups by Iamnottoway by overzen

Wild Pups by Iamnottoway


3 August 2015 at 07:48:39 MDT

I don't care what their parents say, these canine kids most definitely aren't domesticated! Their cute outfits are totally misleading! You give them some squirt guns and they go totally wild!

Next time I agree to cub sit, it will be at night when we can all get into out pajamas and watch a movie.

Totally awesome piece done by iamnottoway iamnottoway! Seriously, take a look at my recent "dorky dad" outfit in my scraps folder, and you can see that she got everything spot on! It's quite impressive!

In this pic we have Atariotter as a little Brighton pup, in his cute cub scout uniform! Tenki-101 being totally uncontrollable! Svaubel who will probably need a diaper change, depending on how wet he gets. And Felixthegray who is just way too adorable in his sailor suit!