.:GIFT:. I found this flower.. - Wildfire by Oreana

.:GIFT:. I found this flower.. - Wildfire


28 January 2014 at 20:00:06 MST

And it looks as rosy as I am sure Wildfire's blood's gonna be if he doesn't take a step back. :XD:

For some reason, this idea came to mind randomly one night as I adore Sheshin's character Mirage (amongst her many that she has--hard to pick a fave). Naturally, the original image in my head was Wildfire holding the flower in his mouth and looking at her with his pervy devil look, and Mirage looking less than interested, but that changed after the two encountered one another, and I was laughing my butt off at how much Mirage just tortured the poor sap. XDD

Sorry, Wild--you can't have every pretty lady you see. It doesn't work that way, honey.

This image changed MANY times from the original sketch. In the original sketch, Wildfire looked like a small lab while Mirage was a few feet taller and bigger than him, so I had to enlarge the lineart on Wild. Also, I had to redo Mirage's outfit a few times, because I am a damn perfectionist, and I want the thing right (especially if it's not my character).

Oh yeah, I don't think I ever explained what that thing on Wild's back is--that's actually an empty quiver. Wildfire mostly transforms his multipurpose weapon into a bow and uses arcane arrows, but since he wasn't properly taught how to conjure, he needs something to focus on to pull his arrows from, thus the empty quiver. One black line is used to hold the quiver while the other usually holds his weapon, but the weapon is always hidden behind the quiver, so it seems, or I just never arse myself to draw it (so that's why he has a big, black X across his front).

Anyways, hope I got this right XD. Enjoy, sis~! :tighthug:

Mirage: Sheshin
Wildfire/art: Oreana

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