Let's Start a New Tomorrow, Today by Ophryon

Let's Start a New Tomorrow, Today


7 April 2014 at 04:52:09 MDT

From 2012. For Rowkey
Great job, guys! Another nameless terror released upon the world.

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    Nah, with these guys I can't believe it's something so dark. Nameless annoyance, or unpseakable embarrassment at the most.

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      Perhaps, my bet is on unpseakable embarrassment... I should totally draw a sequel to this.

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    Rowkey's goddam horse teeth absolutely kill me in this one. This has narrative overflowing everywhere, in my opinion one of the best traits of your work.

    ...and Velantian's comment is swell.

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      I want to do a comic so bad, but I get bored/run out of steam so very easily. Snapshots like these are all you'll get for now, and you'll have to imagine the rest.

      Now I really want to do the sequel. How does one depict an Unpseakable Embarrassment anyway? Like a giant, tarry fart? Period blood on white denim? A giant elephant trapped in a tiny, tiny transparent cube with a bunch of people looking awkard and constipated in leather easy chairs? How, indeed.

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    Lovely, lovely piece, and some absolutely fantastic facial expressions! The shocking red highlights from the capsule-smoke on TYS's face and Sherowkey's eyes work really well here.

    I get the distinct feeling that these two meddlesome little shits are always getting themselves into these kind of situations.....

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      I was thinking of re-doing this piece (what else is new?) the other day, and pondered how I could give their faces even more of an "oh, crap!" expression.