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Paige Mask Commission 2012 by OneEyedDoe

Paige Mask Commission 2012


9 November 2012 at 10:18:35 MST

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Visual / Sewing / Knitting

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    Have you started to make the eyes bigger on your suits?

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      Considering blues are tiny, yes! Most of them have had bigger eyes since then.

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        Ah okay :] It looks nice!

        I like the look of the bigger eyes on the suits ♥

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          Yes, it helps to offset the size of the ears, nose and head itself : ) they are also placed higher so the vision is really nice with a wide range since its through the entire eye area, even the white.

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            Oh nice!

            I'm glad to hear about the improvements!

            Vision and ventilation are always a big concern to when when I look into getting suits!

            Gotta see where I'm going of course, and I have to be able to breathe since I have asthma X'D

            I really like that you have come up with a both functional and aesthetically pleasing design for the masks :]

            You've improved so much since I've seen you post your first couple of suits over a year ago! Can't wait to see your newer work in person!

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              thank you! I have bad asthma myself so I can relate!

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    This is fantastic, is looks so smooth as if it were a drawing almost, or a well sanded sculpture. The fur is the right length in all the right places, and those eyes! how on earth do you make such eyes, I've always wanted to know! Is there acetate on them? Do they fog up?

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      I cant disclose how i make them due to trade secret but the vision is through the entire eye area and there is a mini fan installed in the muzzle with heat vents in the ears, nose, through the mouth, and under the eyes that make a chimney effect that pushes the hot air out of the mask keeping the eyes from fogging : )

      As for the gloss on them they are actually acrylic covers that are completely transparent and don't morph the vision. (which also allows for vision through the entire eye including the white part because it acts as a hard protective cover for the fragile buckram.

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        That's alrighty, I completely understand you not wishing to give away all your secrets, but wow, that's pretty incredible, sounds like a lot of work but looks like it works perfectly :3!

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          Thank you! It took me a year to nearly perfect the method but so worth it!