Ookami Kemono Telegram Sticker Set by o-kemono

Ookami Kemono Telegram Sticker Set


5 June 2016 at 16:13:54 MDT

Might as well jump on the ban wagon with the Telegram stickers, eh?

Decided to make this cute set for the fun of it and offer them to all my loyal fans! I hope you enjoy them!
You can get them on Telegram through this link ( https://telegram.me/addstickers/OKemonoBasicChibi ).

You want more Stickers sets by me? Here's what you can do at low cost and help support the artist... I'm accepting donations/votes for free Stickers set available for download! Once my meter reaches 100$ I will compile all the votes and make a set of the most popular species those who donated voted for and make it available for download!

How to donate and vote? Here are the steps: Please read over carefully!

  1. Simply send your donation in USD. through my PayPal ( Tentawolves[AT]hotmail.com )
  2. Make sure that you write "Telegram Stickers : < insert your choice of animal >" in the comment box before sending. If you write anything else, I will refund/cancel your payment!
  3. Please DO NOT include your SHIPPING ADDRESS when sending the payment.

Thank you very much!

sticker artwork © 2016 Alex Cockburn

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    I just love how adorable you made the character; calling dibs on the pancake and the fluffy one -- Well done!