Life's A Chibi: Unsafe Place by o-kemono

Life's A Chibi: Unsafe Place


11 March 2016 at 07:26:41 MST

Everyone minds work differently. Some can easily switch it off so they don't have to think at all. Others have trouble stopping the wheels from turning in their head. At night, when one is about to go to bed, they can easily shut off their brain and they go straight to sleep. Others have issues turning off their brain before they go to sleep, causing them to lose their night of sleep.

Troubles and hard times befall you today. One problem after another. Issues piling up. You do what you can to solve them, but some require a waiting period - you want it solved now instead of later, crossing it off your list of troubles. Throughout the day, you distract your mind. You do what you can to not think about the troubles you have. You do this until it is time for bed. But you don't want to go to bed - the place where you can relax and take it easy before passing out and ending the day. You now fear of lying down and letting your ongoing mind take over, where you have to lay there and helplessly have your mind remind you what issues you have left to resolve and the troubles you have to face the next day. You lose sleep and won't have the mental or physical endurance to deal with the problems you have to deal with.

You can try sleep remedies and techniques, such as white noise, tea, and medication. Some work more than others, but not for everyone. Turning off your mind for those who thinks like a race car is difficult. You have to try hard to get the car to stop completely. Talk to someone if you can't sleep. Make small conversations that don't involve your issues unless they are brought up. Distract your mind and have it think on something mundane before you go to sleep. The less you think about your problems and issues, the less harm you will cause your body and the less scared you will be about the only place in your house that you feel safe and secure to be at the end of the day.

"If there is a problem you can fix, why worry about it? If there is a problem you can't fix, what is the use worrying about it?" - a Buddhist Quote

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    I hate that exact thing... :<

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    I can totally relate to this and it's not fun at all.

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    It's nice, but yeah, also terrifying. >_>

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    That's me, everyday...
    But, well, you kinda get used to it after some time. Speding nights away with your worries, thinking about the mistakes you've done on life.

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    Too real.

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    Hmmm... This is indeed a dark series you're putting out here.

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    I'd never realized how true this is