Pangaea by Ohyoupokedme (critique requested)

Pangaea (critique requested)


23 February 2015 at 19:09:55 MST

Earth has experienced a catastrophic event; the forming of a single super-continent. Nobody knows how this event occurred, or how the anthropomorphic Xenos found their way to Earth's surface afterword, but the result was six world nations nearing all out war. The Imperium, the first human nation to arise after the Merge. The New World Order, the second human nation to come from Earth's ashes. The Krro'Gaathians, anthropomorphic supremacists focused on colonizing Earth and purging its original inhabitants. The Mystics, a group of otherworldly ancients determined to put Earth back into its natural order. The Dark Mystics, the fallen cousins of the Mystics bent on spreading their mysterious dark rituals on Earth. And The Sadist Guild, anthropomorphic slavers and pirates who use human and anthro trafficking for profit and pleasure. With all these great and mighty powers engaging in unrelenting conflict, will Earth survive the aftermath?

(contains suggestive scenes and sensuality, occasional swearing and cursing, blood and gore/death, as well as touching upon controversial political issues. Only the prologue and Chapter One is currently available.)

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    Keep in mind that the first two are not completely proofread. If anyone is willing to provide their services to proofreading what I have here and what is to come, I would greatly appreciate it. I can sometimes have trouble keeping this in a third person perspective, since I am also working on a fanfiction that is in the first person perspective. Sometimes, if I switch back and fourth they get mixed up.