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Bird and Beast by OfficiallyRetired

Bird and Beast


One of my older sketches that my friend has requested several times that I upload here. I am hesitant since they are not explicitly anthro, but I decided to give it a pass since the characters are still all about their feral natures. Some character concepts I was playing with and haven't quite finished developing and have set on the back-burner for a bit.

These where inspired by some of my ideas from my childhood. I used to find a lot of inspiration from the totems and forests and local peoples where I grew up. About a year back, I returned to the island to visit my old friends and family, but a huge storm that came in a few years ago had destroyed all of the totem polls and old trees and landmarks I had grown up with. It made me very sad to see them gone.

Scan from my sketchbook. Done in ink.

  • Steph, 2011

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Visual / Traditional


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    I am a huge fan of this character and your weights/movement in your lines. Just beautiful! And very cohesive.

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    Very, very awesome. Reminds me a bit of the critters from Journey <3

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    These gestures are so dynamic. Love the line work, as well as the design of the overcoat/poncho.

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    Remember Weasyl is not JUST anthro! So please post all your art here!