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★ Cute Lil Doodle of my charaters ★ by Ocelotkiwi (critique requested)

★ Cute Lil Doodle of my charaters ★ (critique requested)


11 April 2020 at 04:40:45 MDT

[Reuploaded from instagram] Probably one of my older posts I like the most. I don't think I did lineless art much justice but its really cute! Give tips on my take at lineless if you'd like!

Heya! Here's a quick drawing I did late last night because I was tired and wanted to do something simple. It didn't take long but idk it turned out super cute for some reason? Also, I tried out lineless art woo!

They have E-girl blush lol

Program: Ibis paint X, Pixlr x
Time taken: About an hour
Characters: Bean, Unnamed (Bean's mother)