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WBJ 4: Cultures by Occoris

WBJ 4: Cultures


Goodness, Okay, so, this is a very, very, very, very big planet.
And I probably won’t be developing all of it in-depth
but here’s some general stuff:
Because of the way that gravity/the continents are, there are three primary culture groups- one for the equator, and one each for both of the poles.
I’ve mostly, in the past, focused on the equator.
Because travel is easier there, there’s a BUNCH of cultural exchange that happens as a result of the F’ migrations- and as a result there’s sort of this … slow gradient, around the equator. Opposite sides might have completely different cultures, but in between any given 2 towns will operate in mostly the same way.
there are SOME things that are more or less universal- like for instance it’s generally considered rude not to keep in a sort of christmas-card contact with your wife’s other families/ Some extended families will be closer than others, of course, both in physical space and emotionally, but just in general you send a card off to all the other families when your shared wife arrives, so that they know she’s safe, and then again when she leaves so they know when to expect her. That kind of thing.
And it’s SORT OF a little bit rude to deny a male a ride, especially when he’s clearly in a hurry, and you’re going the same way as him. they can scurry pretty well but man the men are just so small. they’re so small just let them ride. (but also it’s SUPER SUPER SUPER rude to just hop on somebody’s back wHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.)
Out on the poles it’s pretty common to decorate houses with, like, basically christmas lights. there’s a little bit of this on the equator, too, because travelling is a thing, but it’s on pretty much every house on the poles.
this is definitely one of the things that i need to put a lot more thought into, but i’ll gET THERE dangit

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