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In a dark, quiet room, lit only by the light of a large computer screen, you sit; playing out your plans. Finally, after long diligence and careful movement of every last pawn, the children have entered the game. Their game? No, this is your game now.

In fact, it was always yours. You started it after all, instigating the very thing meant to destroy the ultimate master. Your master. Destroyer of universes, leveler of lives. Lord English.

Yes, you work for the very master himself. Adorning his colors, a wonderful green suit that surely looks most brilliant only on you. One might even call you an apprentice, or it may just be something you call yourself. You are known by some as uranianUmbra, or by a certain book floating around: Calmasis; and you are a member of the Felt. You have a certain loathing for your master, but you are far too mischievous and deceiving for him to ever know. … at least you hope.

But no matter, it wouldn’t stop your plans whether he knows or not. You have everyone else fooled, all your fellow members, all the humans, and even the trolls. What can you say? You’re a snake, it’s in your nature.

They think you’re joining the game, joining the session with them, but you laugh inside. You’ve always been there, you’ve always been in the game, even from day 1. You type away, continuing to fool the foolish, playing a ruse that they’ll never see. You < kiss > and you < hug > them, give them meaningless advice, and somehow, they fall for it.

It’s a shame you plan for every last one of them to be killed.

You’ve not much reason to leave your little dark room, and the only time you do is when you sleep, playing out your dreams on Prospit as a “hero” of Space. While waiting for events to transpire, you spend your time doodling the things you see and the things you want, and writing about them. Most of your masterpieces come from watching the humans so often. It’s all you ever do.

Unfortunately, with the humans finally in the game, you can’t see much of anything. It’s that damn Hero of Void keeping you blocked out. You spend more time then ever talking them through it, keeping up to date with the humans. Your schedule is tight and you’re growing weary with frustration, but you must make sure you keep up. Everything has to fall into place just right. You know every move you make in a game of chess can either win it, or be your horrible, bloody downfall.

And finally, as time passes, it is all but soon that the pieces start falling into place, one by one. The humans win the game, they create your universe, and are promptly awarded the prize: entry to the very thing they created.

Yes, they enter your world, just as you wanted. By this time, all 12 of your troll “friends” are dead. You convinced them to go up against the master and they paid for it with their lives. The prospitions of your universe lose and die easily when they give up their hope for victory, your prospition queen, and then king, also murdered in cold blood. And why would they have hoped for victory? Every last hero is dead. Except you.

But even with your king checkmated and then quickly destroyed, you rise up. This is a showdown between you and your master, even the humans knew this when they wrote that silly book. You don’t care how many are dead, how many he destroys, you always had a backup plan.

You fight on, gathering up your backup plan; the humans you fooled. You’ve bent the very rules of this so-called chess game and challenged your master once more by bringing in more pawns.

Of course, pawns could never defeat the master in a game of chess. They’re merely here to act as what they are: pawns. You let them easily die against the horrible power of Lord English, and use the time they give you to destroy the master yourself. You’ve locked him in a checkmate, and this time you won’t fucking lose.

Yes. You win, you win this battle, this game of chess. It was your destiny, your plan from the very beginning.

After all, you were the only one who could, weren’t you?


Your name is Calmasis, and you have just caused the destruction of everyone and everything.

What will you do?

.    .    .

Calmasis: Seek out your brother.



22 April 2013 at 01:40:08 MDT


And I just wanted to bring this back up because why not wow. This was back when we thought UU was a troll, and her brother didn’t even come about yet, she only mentioned him.

Things I predicted:

  • UU is literally Calmasis
  • Lord English was her/its master and she/it would defeat him (the former now proven incorrect)
  • UU is playing all the kids, they’re all part of her game
  • The kids will inevitably create UU’s Universe (and she will kill all 12 “pre-scratch trolls” basically, tho I didn’t know which trolls when I wrote this)
  • UU is a hero of space and dreams on prospit (this was iffy and not really known 100% canon when I wrote it)

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