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Nsyse Artfights Sculpt Practice 2021 by Nsyse

Nsyse Artfights Sculpt Practice 2021


6 September 2021 at 08:17:06 MDT

Decided I'll start postin the lazy 3D screencaps of the sculpts I'm doing here.
More importantly, did Artfight again this year.
Now I'm wondering why I didn't do it last year too, was a ton of fun.

Did 5 (HUH BUT THERE'S ONLY 4 IN THIS PIC LOL, more at 11) There's 1 more I wanna do (always retaliate  >:3 )
Back on topic, don't think my 3D arts are worth making turntables for yet but here's zbrush caps : : First of the bunch, was an attempt to try sculpting big volumy hair. Attempt is the keyword here but honestly having a ton of fun sculpting (especially compared to modeling) Obligatory overkill high poly detail noone will see is nose here.
Still haven't figured how to make satisfying hairlocks but not done bruteforcing my way to it. Mainly wanted to experiment with colors/materials (unconvinced it's worth doing in zbrush so far) : Different haircut on what was a heavily stylized character. Very toothy and fun to interpret.
More experimental fur/hair fluffing. : Coolest character design I tackled this artfight. Didn't do it justice at all but at least reaaally had fun and finally figured out some hardsurface basics for the skull I'm really happy with. : Another durgon. With this one I experimented with Sculptris pro mode and loved it. Essentially something that lets you add polys on the fly to specific areas. Used it to make a very simple base, smooth it out later and then add the details without worrying about polycount at most of it, was a blast.

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