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Fact or Fiction by Nsyse

Fact or Fiction


Since start of pandemic been tweaking a MTG cube. Considered making myself custom art because I mostly play it with furry friends.
Picked a few I thought I'd not replace for a while and ended up painting FoF because I like how it creates a minimax minigame with whoever does the splits, to the point I prefer seeing the opponent cast it than a bland draw 2 cards effect.
Card for context :

Noxid picked which one he thought was conceptually most interesting.
I heavily wanted to mess with the symmetry ruler in CSP so I mostly focused on designs with symmetry.

I'm not sure if I consider this piece finished or scrapped.
I ended up not printing my own copy of the card because I couldn't find a way to create high res proxy to slap the art on and I don't want to glue it on an actual card.
Also I forgot the card tells you to split 5 cards and not 4, if I remembered I'd definitely have tried to fit another headshot somehow but I guess there's a thingy in the center so it's fine lol.

Finally, funnily I accidentally turned off symmetry for a tiny fraction of the drawing, let me know if you spot the odd one out lol

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