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16 January 2019 at 11:15:45 MST

Lately I've been feeling like I haven't been drawing much at all.
In a way I think I'm slightly less productive and didn't draw or worked on personal projects as much as I did last year or would want to.
However I recently realised there's a lot of art I completed and just completely forgot to upload I'm finding randomly in my backup folder.
If I forgot to upload something I did for you or you saw me do on stream, feel free to PM me about it and I'll try to find it, I like to have it online where I can't accidentally delete it and lose everything.

Back on topic, this was a fun prompt, fun species, fun pose and fun mood. It had ben a while I had worked with more earthy tone and that bold sketchier style iirc.
I forgot about this piece but I really like it and am glad it turned out well.
My favourite thing about it is the pose reminds me of a ridiculously ambitious scrap I worked so hard on I had to give up because I rendered a music box on it so well I was convinced the rest would never hold up. Which made me sad because I really liked the pose. Glad I managed to inspire myself from that one and complete the whole thing in a single go, it does show me I did improve and get more confident about drawing over the years! :)

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