What my ex creepypasta oc used to look like by Noxiouschocolate-3

What my ex creepypasta oc used to look like


29 June 2016 at 07:55:25 MDT

She is now a kawaii ghost girl.
The idea was that hanna-which is what i now call her-was a girl who had serious issues with her weight caused by bullying-a little cliché but meh- and this soon led to anorexia.
On her prom night, she was picked on by the girls and was chased out into a secluded area.
Unfortunately a rather brutal murderer was around there too and while the other girls were able to escape but because of her body's condition, hanna didn't-the first idea was that she was kidnapped and since the murderer didn't feed her she'd have to eat other things.
But my bew idea was that she was attacked by the killer and left her for dead -since she didn't look like she'd be challenging to kill and died soon after.
However she was very angry when she died, she had virtually no chance of survival because of her body, and they were the ones who put her in that position.this hate brought her back as a vengeful ghost who wanted those girls to pay.in more ways than one.
1)killing them
And 2) eating them to make up for causing her not to eat.
...pretty gory huh! It's also the reason why her mouth is so messed up, her cheeks tear as her jaw detaches so she can eat faster.another idea was thatshe ends up craving human mean and has to eat it so she doesn't go buck wild.
But she's a kawaii ghost girl now!

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