LOTHT: Crystal Skateboard of Tony the Hawk by Noxid

LOTHT: Crystal Skateboard of Tony the Hawk


15 March 2014 at 13:53:06 MDT

The first place prize for alexx alexx in a contest I held semi-recently, they wanted a heated battle with her and her boyfriend kalimar against Jett and my friend lelacrime lelacrime on LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE, everyone's favourite 90's action game show. Well, either that or Nickelodeon Guts, but this one has a cool historical slant. With mouthguards and kneepads though because safety first yo.

I like to believe that in 400 years, there will be a revival called LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN SKATEPARK where kids will have to do kickflips on hoverboards and answer questions about the scientific anomaly that was Justin Timberlake's hair.

this is the most effort I have put into a background probably ever.

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    I bet it has awesome prizes like Timex watches, or gameboy colours! Maybe even a sega nomad!

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      And don't forget, audience members will receive a FREE stick of Hubba Bubba Bubblicious! Oh wait, this isn't Uh Oh!...

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    This is simultaneously awesome and insane.

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    This episode is all about the US civil rights movement, because nothing's more rad than Equality B)

    This is beautiful and so are you.So beautiful

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    This is most deluxe and it has all of my approval 10/10