Ninevines's Investigation (+Story) by Notkastar

Ninevines's Investigation (+Story)


1 June 2020 at 23:46:07 MDT

He picked up paper after paper in the abandoned lab, Reading line
after line in complete bewilderment. "Project 69" the title read, Going
on to describe a bio creature made from the DNA extracted from black
ooze-like samples, literally packed with genetic code of Draconic

"But something went wrong, didn't it."

He said aloud, Not having to read the rest. The proof was where he
stands. In this hollowed-out carcass of a lab, things took as
hellish of a turn as the very experiment these men of science
were taking part in.

"What. What did they release on this world."

Commission Notes:
This Walking forest In tainted Space belongs too
and was commissioned by:
Michael "Banemort" Moons!
Stay fancy, Lad!

Artist Notes:
How would a Dude Doodle look like? Like this!
Didn't expect to be doodling a Dude but, Hey.
If I am, I might as well give him a story too! ◠‿╹)

Doodle notes:
Shapes of the face are just as important to doodling
Dude-Doods as it is to doodling Fluffy-Doods. Just
in more subtle ways~!

Wither it's a pointed chin, ripples on the neck, or
a more prominent forehead. When it comes to doodling
dudes, it's the finer notes that are the loudest! ╹‿╹)