Carnivorous Carnival by Notkastar

Carnivorous Carnival


24 May 2020 at 19:43:56 MDT

Dazzling doods with his spectacular moves,
Topsy Teddy is on the ball, Doods! ◠‿╹)~★

★Commission Notes★
This doodle was commission by the ever kind
Thanks for the commission, Dood! ◠‿◠)

Artist notes:
Big Bellied bear who happens to be an actual bear!
And Carnival-wear while I'm there~!

But seriously I've always wanted to doodle a carnival theme
peep and never would have thought I'd get my chance through
a commission! A real icebreaker if you don't mind me saying!

Doodle Notes:
Carnival clothes, Dood!

At first glance, they look extremely complex but trust me they are
a lot of fun to make! Just keep three things in mind!

  1. Make it eye-catching! Stripes, Shapes, belts- Don't just draw the
    eye, Catch it, Capture it! Make sure peeps can't take their eye off it,
    trying to figure out what it even is!

  2. Complementing colors! Don't just shoot for flashy/glaring colors,
    go colors that are incredibly easy on the eyes! You want those eyes
    on you but, you don't want them straining!

  3. Have a theme and have everything complement it! Going for
    showing off a plump and pudgy belly? Have your outfit show
    All Off The Midriff, with other minor openings elsewhere to
    show off the big one in the middle all the more!

Follow the gist of these and you'll be prepped for any party, Dood!
◠‿╹) ~★