Angel Ace by Notkastar

Angel Ace


27 March 2019 at 23:46:58 MDT

Splitting his twin sword and two mid jump,
he slices; getting through a foes shields by
bypassing them altogether by coming from above!

Artist Notes:
If Max was in a fighting game, I could see this being his heavy, jumping overhead.
Slower then a jab but comes out fast enough for this move to be useful in close up, mix-ups!

As far as art notes go, Just felt like doodling Max since it's been quite a while and something
more action-centered; Also doodling more swords is always awesome!

Speaking of swords, those twin blades are HEAVILY based on Zidane's
thief sword "Angel Bless" from Final Fantasy 9. It's still an amazing game
and really was awesome to give my own spin on one of the weapons I
remember the most from my playthroughs. ╹‿╹)~ ★