Exterminator Dave by Notkastar

Exterminator Dave


1 February 2019 at 21:19:30 MST

Believe it or not, This cosplay outfit of Astaroth from Soul Calibur 2
Is Actually MORE concealing than the real one. T‿T)
(Gosh I love his design, and his personally ain't bad either)

Artist Notes:
Dave (The Unicorn dood below) is like an on-going Doodle project of mine,
To see if I can take two normally gentle things like rainbows and unicorns;
And turn it into something with a bit more of a macho edge to it. ╹‿╹)

So far I'm playing around with how it's presented, Sure while the skimpy
armor seems like basic run-of-the-mill fan service I've actually went
that angle to show off more of Dave's muscles and features!
You know, "Showing not telling." Plus a huge weapon on top of
that couldn't hurt! ◠‿╹)