CHARGE! [SFW Version] by Notkastar

CHARGE! [SFW Version]


22 January 2019 at 02:33:15 MST

Dood's Ready to take on the
"accursed and salacious Black Dragon"
Who (For one reason or another) finds
himself entranced & Distracted with his
Deviant thoughts when confronted by a
fighter wearing a "particular" article of

An Edge is an Edge as they say.

You Better not lose,
There no telling what could happen
if you do!

Artist notes:
Still ah huge fan of the fantasy medieval
setting when it comes doodling biz; With that
in mind, I'm sup~er glad about how this doodle
came out! ◠‿◠)

Starting off as a passing idea, I spun into
a fantastic idea for a future project of mine
and a pretty alright doodle right now. ╹‿╹)