The Headliner by Notkastar

The Headliner


11 July 2018 at 20:57:53 MDT

With vocals like the smoothest butter on toast,
He'll turns this late night showing into a nirvana

Artist Notes:
Full doodle commission for the dood

The very last of the commission set and I have to say
I am so glad being done with this! ◠‿◠)

Not to say that it's bad to have peeps commission me, It awesome but you'd
be surprised how much 3 back to the back commission can take it out of ya. =‿=)
Enough of ya for me to consider taking a break from commissions a while I'll
tell ya that haha ◠‿◠)

As far as artist notes go, This is the first dood I doodle with a bead and first in a
tux. Think I did well enough on the outfit and bodywork after taking some pointers on the subject
from Valkenhayn from BlazBlue ╹‿╹)