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WHO YOU GONNA CALL?? by nosferatu16




A very original idea that Lisette had for her Halloween costume this year, especially since she signed the famous contract that binds her with Hazel, this ghost jester. Which makes an excellent duo.

But knowing that Hazel likes to tease, Lisette should have foreseen that this ghost would take these candies and eat them in front of her to better tease her.

What a pity that she doesn't have a real "Proton Pack" to neutralize this ghost jester, the time to collect these candies. That's what makes Hazel laugh.

But Hazel is going to give the candy back to Lisette later, just to take advantage of seeing her get a little annoyed. x3

Art : (1) 🌈🥚🐰✨ Bambi (@Spicy_Eggy) / Twitter

Original pic :