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Chill Night Between Birds by nosferatu16

Chill Night Between Birds


Since Lisette and Myara became roommates, they share the housework, manage their budgets for groceries and have their own personal space.

But sometimes they like to spend time together playing video games, discussing various things, doing activities together or like tonight, watching a movie and eating crisps, not being careful not to make crumbs. XD

Although Lisette takes the whole bean bag couch on her own, Myara is resourceful and uses Lisette's soft and comfortable body to solve this space problem on the bean bag couch. Lisette was embarrassed at first but over time she got used to it, as long as there was nothing perverse. ^^

Art :

Original pic :

Characters :
Myara : Xiardoruzo’s profile — Weasyl
Lisette : Mine