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Two Monsters II by nosferatu16

Two Monsters II


Several weeks passed during the famous (delicious) battle between two barbarian female and a group of kobold.

Simone and Moon had won this battle, as well as gaining several pounds. Since this battle, Simone had decided to keep up with this other barbarian by inviting her to have fun hunting in this region, because she had impressed her a lot to be able to eat as much kobold as she, despite Moon having reached these limits. Simone liked to see this Neko exceeded these limits, it makes her cute.

One evening, Simone, who had doubled her weight, like Moon, decided to go hunting to fill her stomach a little, but also that of Moon. The blue barbarian tells Moon to stay at the campfire to make sure the fire stays on until she comes back with delicious meals. Moon accepted without restraint and Simone therefore went hunting!

Although Simone was fat, she still retained a certain strength and a little agility, which made her manage to have some prey, certain that she decided to eat them on the spot. But when she returned, bringing a meal for Moon, she was surprised by what she saw.

Moon was completely lying on her side, breathed hard and had a huge pile of bones in front of her big, full belly, almost about to explode.

The neko girl had eaten a big monster, bigger than her during Simone's absence.

Simone seeing this, was surprised to see Moon being so big and to see these heaps of bones, but impressive by the capacity of Moon's belly to have been able to eat everything. This gave Moon a greater appreciation for Simone, but also, a desire to want to stick it on her and to stroke the big belly of this big greedy who has eyes bigger than her belly.

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Simone : Mine
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