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Humiliating Combat by nosferatu16

Humiliating Combat


At the request of a quest, Simone went to fight slime balls that were invading a village in exchange for a reward. For our warrior, this kind of quest is very easy and will dominate the situation.

But it's the opposite that happened. After a few minutes leading the fight, Simone is literally dominated by these cute slime ball who likes to fatten her by penetrating through her mouth. It is certain the belly of Simone has an incredible ability to eat a lot, but there has limits.

Become too big to beat, our warrior is reduced to fattening by slimes that has fun with her. She will at least win, but her remains a humiliating situation for Simone. It will be remembered for a long time that you have to be wary of slimes more than other types of monsters to fight. X3

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