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Failed Weight Loss Muffin Experiment by nosferatu16

Failed Weight Loss Muffin Experiment


Vikki had a great idea!
She who loves to eat sweet things, especially cupcakes, had the idea of ​​designing cupcakes that will not fatten, but still sweet and with a great nutritional value.
After a few days to experiment, she finally managed to design cupcakes that was stable. She even tried one to test, without any impact.
Happy with her success, Vikki invited her new assistant, Pip, to come celebrate her success by eating these delicious cupcakes on her living room couch.
Pip was not as big as Vikki and was very smart, but not as much as Vikki. Despite this, she does an excellent job of helping Vikki in some problem.
As a true friend, she shares these delicious cupcakes that she ate a lot, until an unforeseeable event this product.
Without warning, all their bodies suddenly increased, to such an extent that it tears their clothes and makes them jump.
After suddenly fattening, Vikki concluded that eating several causes a side effect that fatens the body enormously. We will have to start the whole experience again. ^^ '

Art :

Characters :

Vikki : Mine
Phillipa (Pip) :