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The Hologlasses Solution by nosferatu16

The Hologlasses Solution


Once again, Omega has fattened Vikki for his pleasure. It's starting to become a habit for the scientist.

But this time, it will be different. Incredible or not, Omega them a great idea that does not come from Vikki. Omega has suggested that to avoid wasting time in these works each time he fats Vikki by surprise, she will be able to invent a kind of portable hologram that can be used to control everything that goes into her lab, while being very fat and immobile. On the spot, Vikki went to criticize Omega still for its pity, but by thinking about it, she thinks it's a rather interesting idea. She will probably work on it.

Today, she had become so fat that she filled her lab and could not move. As usual, she will be stuck in this situation to do nothing and have Omega dominate for several hours or days, but this time, she activated her new invention: The Hologlasses! This made appear a holographic screen through these glasses. With her, she could continue to do this research and control her lab, while being blob.

She's going to thank Omega for this great idea, but not before fattening him for revenge, as usual. XD

Art :

Original Pic : Vikki's New Hologlasses (C) by OmegaOverdrive -- Fur Affinity [dot] net