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Cryptic Hazy by nosferatu16

Cryptic Hazy


Cryptic Hazy is a version of me who can travel through various worlds in the multiverse and wears this costume, not having a solid body.

I chose this name, wanting a mysterious and cool name.

It's an idea that I had wanting to create a character inspired by that of my best friend, Maze Meira, he too is a traveler of the multiverse and that it is also a version of him. But the difference comes from our costumes and our origin stories. This is where I will write a brief summary of my character.

In an alternate reality, a version of me will have lost his best friend and will have lost the will to live, while having a dark view of society and humanity. It was then that one day, a strange entity appeared to him and offered him the chance to satisfy his hatred towards this society, by signing a contract which would give him the capacities, in exchange which serve his cause.

He had hesitated but ended up accepting and starting to sign, when a strange individual appeared between them and interrupted the signing of this contract. A violent fight ensued between the mysterious individuals and the entity, and it concluded with the entity fleeing to a portal. Unfortunately, I was seriously injured in this fight between them, having received one of their attacks on me by accident. The individuals saw me dying and tried to save me, but could not afford to save me here. Then I lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I saw that I was in a strange place, a sort of Greek-style palace, but in space. I thought it was a dream, but quickly realized it was real. Just like seeing with horror that I was now in a body of slime. I didn't understand what was happening to me, until a mysterious woman with the appearance of an anthropomorphic aligator introduced herself to me.

She introduced herself first, before explaining the situation to me. Her name is Selena and she is the goddess of the galaxy, in another world, other than mine, and that I am presently in her palace. Then, explained to me that they brought me here by her friend, and that she tried to save me with her divine magic, but could not save my body, being dead, but not the spirit. She had to put my mind into the body of a slime she had close to her. She was sorry for not having done better, to save me and for not having found better as a borrowed body.

It took me a long time to accept it. It took me even longer when she told me that she had sent my dead body into my world to leave a trace of me with my loved ones, so that they could mourn me. I couldn't go back to my world, especially how to explain to my family that your dead son came back to life in slime! It was simply impossible!

So I decided to live for a little while in Selena's palace, moping about my fate and trying to adapt to this life of slime. She explained to me one day that she collaborates with a guardian of the multiverses, whose mission is to protect the various worlds from any danger and that this entity is very dangerous. Being able to travel through the multiverse, this entity recruits people to create an army called the black knights, whose missions are to destroy and sow chaos throughout the multiverse. Those who signed his contract were people who were easily manipulated, using their negative emotions to trick them into joining him, becoming his slave, who obeyed him. I tell myself that I will have made a serious mistake, but would it have been better to stay in my life before? That's what I was wondering, especially since right now, my slime life isn't very exciting, especially since I feel like I'm this goddess' pet. A goddess who helps me to move by taking me in her arms and who appreciates me...I must confess that I don't hate that. But don't like to be so useless.

Until I find out I have powers. I can open portals that can take me to other multiverses and that I can change shape, but temporarily (about 5 minutes maximum).

According to Selena, she thinks it's probably tie that I signed only half the contract with the entity, and that I acquired some capacities, but partial. If I could have signed in full, maybe I would have gained even more power and ability, but I would have become a slave to this entity.

With this, I could travel across the multiverse and see various amazing scenery, but being in a slime body...I felt like I might be easy prey. Selena seeing my desire to travel helped me to design something that will help me move faster than rolling or sliding, but above all, to have better protection against the various dangers that I may encounter during my trips.

She used these many contacts to help me and contacted Vikki, a scientist, and Narcamir, a powerful trade mage, who will help me design something. I thought I noticed that the scientist and the sorcerer did not expect very well, but that they put their resentment aside to design me a unique costume, which I could wear.

With science and magic, they succeeded in creating a sophisticated humanoid-shaped costume, which only allows a slime body to use it, leaving all of its body colored through the costume, which is composed of various mini elastic pipes that allows the costume to move normally, as if I had a humanoid body. In addition, it can use my mana, being composed of mana because of my body of slime, but also, that I can create magic with the opening of the portals, it can help me to concentrate my mana on various points precise of my body. I also have technology integrated into the suit which allows me to have a hologram that appears inside my helmet and can use one of my arms to register coordinates. There was so much to discover, especially since I didn't hold back what these two told me. X'D

On the other hand, they made me a costume that corresponds to what I wanted: Cool, punk, badass, dark and above all, having a gas mask, being a big fan. And above all, it's a costume that will be very resistant to different environments and can take a lot of damage.

While wearing it, I actually felt my slime body flow through the whole costume, until I could then move it around the whole costume. It was funny to me to be able to move normally, after some time having to move by rolling, sliding or having someone else carry it. With this, I will finally be able to lead many adventures. Just this idea gave me more desire to live, than when I was in my old world, the world where I lost my best friend...

It is in front of this thought that I had this idea that it is possible, in a multiverse, a version of my best which will have lost its best friend, me. Just this idea gave me a taste for life and hope.

But before leaving, Selena warned me of the dangers of the multiverses and to be very careful. Also, being able to travel through the multiverse, I can help her recover certain artifacts linked to the entity and destroy them, to reduce its power.

I will surely find some souvenirs that I can bring back for myself or for Selena, who can return to her palace as I wish. Especially since I have my own room. I accepted her request, seeing no problem, especially since it added challenge to my trip.

That's how I went to the multiverse, visiting various worlds, looking for artifacts, thrills and exploration, but above all, to find my best friend who corresponds to what I'm looking for.

The adventures of Cryptic Hazy begin!

(I also thought of an alternative to how I would have become Hazy. The alternative would be that I died naturally or accidentally, before, after or at the same time as my best friend, and I would be reincarnated as this strange character for find my friend across the multiverse. It's as if I imagined a sequel to my death in the real world, when I will die one day.)

Art : Sapphirus’s profile — Weasyl

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