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Happy Birthday Simone by nosferatu16

Happy Birthday Simone


Hannahbelle offers a very special birthday gift to Simone. Really special.

Hannahbelle arrived with Cath, Simone's sister, but completely inflated with helium and she floats in the air. We could see on the belly of Cath "Happy Birthday Simone" write with blue paint. Simone does not see this, it laughs loudly. She loves Hannahbelle's gift that made her laugh a lot, especially seeing her sister inflated like that, especially with her angry facial expression of this situation. Hannahbelle seems to be proud of her gift for Simone.

Late gift giving be my friend Gameupower. Thank's you so much ^^

Art :

Original Pic :

Gift By : Userpage of GameXorld -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Characters :

Hannahbelle : Userpage of GameXorld -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Cath and Simone : Mine