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Vikki, The Big Adventurous Scientist Of Space ! by nosferatu16

Vikki, The Big Adventurous Scientist Of Space !


Vikki finds herself trapped on a planet after having damaged her spaceship. She has to send a message of distress call, but more time passes on this strange planet desolate and the more she realizes that if there passes strange things and that also. .. she is not alone!

What will happen to Vikki? Will she die? Will she get help? Who or what is on this planet?

You will know it at the release of the most awaited movie of the summer.

Vikki THE MOVIE. In theaters near you!

Vikki is not only a scientist who remains locked in his laboratory. She is also an adventurer of space, but also of the whole universe, the parallel worlds and time. So do not be surprised if you see it in full of strange, bizarre, funny and unbelievable situation.

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